What Does a Developmental Music Group Look Like?

What you’ll see:

– playing percussion instruments (drums, shakers)

– movement to music

– singing classic kids songs (Baby Shark, Bear Hunt, Tiny Turtle, etc.)

– fill-in-the-blank songwriting

– taking turns being the leader

– rhythm songs/ games

– playing handbells, boomwackers

– hello song and goodbye song (for opening and closing – strumming my guitar or coming to the piano to play with me while we sing to them)

Here are some kids doing an action song that incorporates pretend play and movement (motor skills).

What we’re targeting with developmentally appropriate goals:

Social/ Emotional Skills

– turn taking

– impulse control

– greetings/ manners

– self expression

– emotional regulation

Motor Skills

– fine and gross motor skills

– coordination

Cognitive Skills

– colors, numbers, shapes

– attention to task

– auditory perception

– executive functioning/ following directions

This little bunny had kids helping him hop to shapes I was singing about.

My overall philosophy is that a child in my group should leave feeling successful! I love smiles and having fun and that is what I hope your child experiences in this group. šŸ™‚